8 years ago

It’s all about the bees: The story behind Bare Honey

Bare Honey is committed to providing all-natural honey that is beyond organic. Using transparent and sustainable methods, they produce the purest honey available with zero chemicals or antibiotics.

Husband and wife Dustin and Grace were both raised on family farms and have worked in the food and agricultural industries for nearly 20 years. Dustin graduated from the prestigious French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu and Grace headed up Buttercream, the most awarded wedding cake bakery in Minnesota. In the late 2000s, they turned their focus to making the most pure and natural honey available in the Twin Cities.

To make Bare Honey, they use Russian honeybees that have been proven to resist deadly mites better than other types of bees and require much less pesticide to keep the bees healthy. Dustin and Grace work with local beekeepers to breed locally adapted honeybees – AKA bees that can survive our chilly Minnesota winters. Stronger bees = better honey!

Look for Bare Honey in our grocery aisles.