4 years ago

Limited-time: L&B Monger’s Make Cheddar

This past May, nine of our L&B cheese specialists participated in a three-day cheese adventure through Wisconsin. The trip, sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, allowed our staff to visit seven different locations, including cow and goat farms, plus several creameries.


Participating L&B cheese specialists: Deb from our Woodbury store; Hayley from our Highway 7 store; Jessica from our Maple Grove store; Patti from our Chanhassen store; Kelly from our Roseville store; Sarah K. from our Uptown store; Christina from our Navarre store; Sarah D. from our 50th & France store; Ike from our Northeast store.

During this fun trip, our specialists were fortunate enough to get some hands-on experience at Hennings Cheese in Kiel, Wisconsin. From start to finish, they worked hard at cutting, flipping and salting curd, creating their own special batch of cheddar cheese. We’ve named this special variety of cheese “Monger’s Make” cheddar, after our own cheese dream team.

This delicious, limited-time cheddar will be exclusively sold in ALL L&B locations beginning in October until we sell out. Make sure to stop by, chat with our cheese specialists and try our “Monger’s Make” cheddar before it’s gone!