4 years ago

Let’s Talk Turkey: Choosing a turkey

Lunds & Byerlys has the perfect turkey for your holiday feast! Scott Kersting, Director of Meat & Seafood, is here with a breakdown of all your turkey options this Thanksgiving!

For those of us charged with picking out the turkey this holiday season, we have important decisions ahead of us. Should it be organic, fresh, frozen or brined? And wait – how big should it be?

When it comes to your holiday turkey, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for a whole turkey or a turkey breast, all-natural or organic, Lunds & Byerlys offers a wide range of options that are sure to impress your friends and family at holiday gatherings. Plus, we have incredible in-store FoodE Experts and highly-trained meat and seafood staff who can help make your turkey decision easier and answer those all-important questions about preparation.

Before you make your holiday shopping list, take a look at some of the impressive turkeys we offer:

Lunds & Byerlys Fresh Organic Turkey:
These turkeys are raised locally in Minnesota and are fed a pure organic diet that’s free of antibiotics, hormones and gluten. Available sizes: 10-18 pounds

Lunds & Byerlys Fresh Brined Turkey:
These all-natural, free-range turkeys are brined in a spice and herb blend that helps retain their natural juices during the cooking process. Available sizes: 10-24 pounds

Lunds & Byerlys Fresh Antibiotic-Free All-Natural Turkey:
Raised in Minnesota, these turkeys are never fed gluten. They are also never given antibiotics or hormones. Available sizes: 10-26 pounds

Lunds & Byerlys Fresh Turkey:
These locally-raised turkeys are fresh – never frozen – and have never been fed gluten or hormones. Available sizes: 10-26 pounds

Lunds & Byerlys Cider Brined Turkey Breast:
This all-natural turkey breast is brined in cider made from Minnesota apples and is free of antibiotics, hormones and gluten. Average size: 4.75 pounds

To guarantee a turkey is just the right size for your gathering, place your order today by visiting the meat department service counter at your local Lunds & Byerlys or call 952-548-1400.

For tips on how to prep, cook and serve your turkey, including some of our favorite recipes, check out the second half of our Let’s Talk Turkey feature.