Reserve Aged Beef
1 year ago

L&B Reserve Aged Beef®

The exclusive, patented aging process creates an incredible depth of flavor you won’t find anywhere else!  By Scott Kersting, Director of Meat & Seafood.

Our journey to create a truly unique, aged beef began at the dinner table. Dozens of meals in cities all across the country led to inspiration – and a really full stomach. What followed was the creation of our L&B Reserve Aged Beef®, which uses a patented aging process and is available only at Lunds & Byerlys.

When we began our journey, we were looking for ways to expand our premium choice beef selection. Our team spent years traveling across the country tasting beef and observing tried-and-true aging methods from some of the world’s most famous steakhouses and butcher shops.

Our team – under the leadership of Executive Chef Michael Selby – spent a good deal of time in the Lunds & Byerlys research and development kitchen testing out classic aging techniques for both wet-aged and dry-aged beef. They experimented with the basic principles of dry aging and then began to combine several aspects of old-world aging techniques in different combinations, and with varying temperatures and levels of humidity. All of this research ultimately led Chef Selby to invent such an innovative process for aging our exclusive Reserve Aged Beef that it is now patented!

The beef is skillfully aged for a minimum of 28 days to achieve optimum flavor and tenderness. The end result is an incredibly bold flavor with rich, nutty tones. In fact, much like an oak barrel promotes the aging of wine, we use untreated cedar to provide an incredible depth of flavor to the beef, while providing a tenderness that is unmatched.

One of the most important parts of our Reserve Aged Beef is the beef itself. We start with beef that is exclusively sourced from family-owned Double R Ranch in the Okanagan region of Washington State. Our partners at Double R Ranch have an impressive commitment to only working with family ranchers who make certain the cattle are cared for so the beef is always robust, juicy and tender. This ensures we receive consistently exceptional beef so we can then age it to perfection.

Interested in trying one of our exclusive Reserve Aged steaks? Try our Reserve Aged New York strip, T- bone, porterhouse, sirloin or rib-eye. We also offer a Reserve Aged standing rib roast during the winter months.

As I mentioned earlier, these flavorful steaks and roasts are available only at Lunds & Byerlys. Stop by our meat and seafood department and try one for yourself!

L&B Reserve Aged Beef®