10 years ago

This is my “go to” dessert for all kinds of events. I recently held a baby shower at my house that included men, women and kids. I knew that the Killer Brownie Platter would be hit for all of the above, and it was!! I had a few other sweets, but the Killer Brownie Bites were the first ones gone.

This tray is the perfect size combined with a great price. I will be bringing one to our Memorial Day and July 4th family celebrations this summer. The tray is convenient and travels easily.

You can even dress these luscious brownies up for a dinner party or more formal event. Choose a Killer Brownie or two from your bakery counter, and cut each into wedges. Place each piece on a pretty dessert plate, add a scoop of Lunds and Byerly’s Raspberry Gelato and a plump, fresh raspberry or two. Instant gourmet dessert!! 

Chocolate lovers of all shapes, sizes and ages be alert- these are the desserts of your dreams!!

Sandey Mathisen, administrative assistant