Key Lime Margaritas
3 years ago

Key Lime Margaritas

Key limes, more aromatic than regular limes and known for their distinctive tart juice, add a punch of flavor to this cocktail. This recipe also calls for reposado tequila, which is aged in wooden barrels, where it develops a mellower flavor and amber color. A regular tequila would work fine as well.

Makes 4 drinks
Preparation time: 15 minutes


1 Key lime, quartered (optional)
Kosher salt for rims of glasses (optional)
¾ cup Cointreau or other orange-flavored liqueur
½ cup reposado tequila
½ cup fresh Key lime juice
2 teaspoons superfine granulated sugar (optional)


  1. Run a lime wedge (if using) around rim of each of 4 (6-to 8-ounce) glasses. Put salt (if using) on a small plate and dip glasses in salt to lightly coat rims.
  2. Blend liqueur, tequila, juice and sugar (if using) in a blender until combined. Serve over ice (in coated glasses).

Recipe source: Epicurious

Key Lime Margarita