7 years ago

Keeping Your Valentine’s Day Roses Fresh

Roses are the perfect way to express the most heartfelt sentiments on Valentine’s Day. Whether your sweetheart surprises you with a fresh bouquet, or you are the one gifting, here are a few tips to care for your cut roses that will help extend their vase life and the enjoyment they bring.

Extend the Life of Your Roses

  • Unwrap roses as soon as you receive them and put them in lukewarm water.
  • Remove leaves that will be submerged in water to avoid unwanted bacterial growth.
  • At an angle, cut off about one inch of each stem underneath running water from sink faucet.
  • Sprinkle floral preservatives into water to extend the life of cut flowers.
  • Check water level daily. If water becomes cloudy, replace water, recut and wash stems.

Floral Showcase
Display your flowers in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Avoid displaying your flowers near a direct source of heat or extreme temperatures, such as a window with strong sunlight, heating and cooling vents, and appliances that give off heat.

Give Them a Lift
If a rose begins to wilt, you can revive the flower.  Give the stem a fresh cut, removing at least one inch.  Then, submerge the entire rose under lukewarm water for 30 minutes to an hour. This should give the rose a chance to absorb enough water to rehydrate.