3 years ago

It’s Poinsettia Season!

The tree is trimmed, the lights are strung and the gifts are wrapped, but there’s one thing left to do before it truly feels like the holidays: Display the poinsettias! These beautiful blooming plants have been putting the finishing touches on our holiday décor since 1931, when Bachman’s first started growing them.

Today, we grow more than 60,000 poinsettias every year, and each one makes its way across the Twin Cities to churches, businesses, stores and fundraising groups. Our greenhouses are filled with more than 40 different varieties ranging in size from 2-inch miniatures to 4-foot trees and ranging in color from creamy white to Christmas red (which is overwhelmingly the favored hue!). We also offer hand-painted “fantasy” poinsettias for those seeking unexpected colors and extra dazzle. These poinsettias are dyed fabulous shades of blue, purple, orange, teal and more, and they’re finished off with a dusting of glitter.

Whether you’re picking up poinsettias to decorate your home, giving them as gifts to family and friends — or both! — these simple tips will keep your plant thriving throughout the holiday.

Start strong. Choose a healthy poinsettia with bright yellow flowers, vibrant colored bracts and plenty of dark green foliage.

Think light. Keep your plant in a room with strong, indirect light to ensure it maintains its bold color.

Water regularly. Your poinsettia prefers evenly moist soil, but not standing water. Water it two or three times a week.

Stay warm. Keep your home between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for a happy poinsettia. These plants prefer neutral temps and should be kept away from drafts from radiators or air ducts.

Here’s to a holiday season filled with pretty poinsettias and memorable moments.

Happy holidays from Bachman’s!