4 years ago

How to use our seasoned sea salt

We offer several varieties of Lunds & Byerlys seasoned
sea salt; it makes a wonderful addition to many recipes! Here’s a breakdown of
some of our best selling salts and how to cook with them:

Smoked Sea Salt:
Made with smoked sweet paprika, this salt is
flavorful and complex – a taste of the Mediterranean! Stir into gazpacho or
tomato soup for a spicy, smoky kick of flavor; or sprinkle on cucumbers and
bell peppers topped with cream cheese for an updated take on crudités.

Provence Sea Salt:
Rustic grey sea salt is mixed with lavender and
herbs to create a French countryside experience. Add to potatoes or sprinkle on
eggs for elegant brunch additions; or toss with cubed bread and olive oil, then
bake for tasty homemade croutons.

Mango Masala
Sea Salt:
Curry and natural mango spark this far-away flavor – a
perfect complement to Indian cuisine! Sprinkle on fresh cut fruit such as
watermelon, cantaloupe or apples with a squeeze of citrus; or toss with steamed
jasmine rice and golden raisins for an Indian twist.

Isle of
Capri Sea Salt:
Inspired by the rugged beauty of Capri and the zesty
cooking of rustic southern Italy. Update your basic tuna salad with salt,
basil, tomatoes and lemon; stir into tomato sauce; or sprinkle on tomatoes and
roast in the oven with olive oil.

Look for Lunds & Byerlys seasoned sea salt in our spice