3 years ago

How To Make The Best Bloody Mary Bar

Want a fun twist for your next brunch gathering? Set up a Bloody Mary bar!

Although its origins are unclear, the Bloody Mary cocktail is modern-day brunch favorite. While some people claim its mixture of vodka, tomato juice and seasonings can help cure a hangover, part of the charm of a Bloody Mary is how customizable it can be – and of course, the fun garnishes. Depending on where the cocktail is made, you can see everything from olives and vegetables to shrimp and burgers sticking out of a Bloody Mary glass! (Check out these 15 over-the-top Bloodies!)

To set up your own Bloody Mary bar, stock up on Bloody Mary mix and vodka, available at our Wines & Spirits locations. Then, set out some skewers plus a variety of ingredients for your guests to choose from:

Get creative … and let the fun begin. Enjoy!