8 years ago

How to make infused vodka at home

Not only does infused vodka make a fun, flavorful addition to cocktails, but it can also add a beautiful splash of color! The best part: it’s actually really easy to make at home! Here’s how:

First, wash and slice any fresh ingredients. Here are a few recommendations – or you can experiment with your own flavor combos!

  • Strawberry-basil – perfect with club soda
  • Pineapple-mint – serve over ice
  • Jalapeño – wonderful in Bloody Marys
  • Cinnamon – great in hot chocolate!
  • Ginger – use to amp up your Moscow Mule

Place all the ingredients into a clean jar. Top with vodka and seal. Leave on the counter for anywhere between 4 hours and 7 days, turning once a day. (Tip: Hot peppers may only need a couple of hours to reach ideal potency.) You’ll want to test each recipe for flavor along the way, until it reaches your desired strength.

Strain the vodka completely using a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth and wash the jar; return the strained vodka to the jar and seal. Any vodka infused with fresh ingredients should be kept in the fridge; vodka made with shelf-stable ingredients can be kept at room temperature.