1 year ago

How to Enjoy Spring In The Winter

When we look outside on a white winter day, we don’t see blankets of snow covering our landscapes. We glance at what’s there and see only what’s to come — a colorful canvas of blooming flowers that begin to emerge when spring washes winter away. We envision tulips of every color planted en masse, the familiar fragrance of hyacinth tickling our senses, and daffodils with teacup-like flowers setting the scene for a garden party.

So, when we get the chance to greet those gorgeous flowers a little sooner than spring, we willingly trade our winter activities for watering cans and put our green thumbs to good use by growing Watch ’em Grow® Bulb Gardens. With a fancy name that’s true to form, these bulb gardens invite you to truly “watch them grow” — plain and simple!

Let us explain:

A Watch ’em Grow® is a container of spring flowering bulbs that we plant in the fall and care for in our greenhouse. By providing the appropriate growing conditions, we’re able to trick the bulbs into blooming much earlier than they would ordinarily bloom outdoors. Then, we send those beauties from our greenhouse to our stores, and you get to bring home the sights and scents of spring in the middle of winter.

The flowers in your Watch ’em Grow® will bloom at different times, providing you with weeks of continuous excitement as you see them sprout day after day. By the time they’ve all bloomed, you’ll have an indoor garden of daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, and crocus refreshing your space and putting a smile on your face.

Not only are these unique gardens fun to watch, but they’re easy to care for. Just keep these simple tips in mind:

Temperature is key. You’ll prolong the life of your bulb garden’s blooms if you keep it in a cool location that’s between 50 and 60 degrees. However, if you’re eager to enjoy your flowers sooner, you can encourage quicker blooms by displaying your Watch ’em Grow® somewhere warmer.

Growing flowers get thirsty! Water your bulb garden frequently, but don’t allow it to sit in water or get soggy. Strike the perfect balance by watering it thoroughly whenever the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Brighter is better. Find a home for your bulb garden in a brightly lit room. Just be sure the light is indirect. Displaying your Watch ’em Grow® in direct afternoon sunlight will shorten the life of its beautiful blooms.

Happy growing from Bachman’s!