2 months ago

Homegrown Holidays!

Celebrate a homegrown holiday this year, with Bachman’s-grown poinsettias! Every year, Bachman’s grows around 60,000 poinsettias at their growing range in Lakeville, Minnesota. From miniature 2-inch poinsettias to impressive 4-foot poinsettia trees, Bachman’s grows over 40 varieties of poinsettias that bring holiday cheer to homes and businesses across the metro! Production starts as early as May for some of the largest plants, while the majority are started in June. The talented team at the Bachman’s growing range tends to the poinsettia crop throughout the summer and into fall, ensuring they take on their signature red hue just in time for Christmas!

The poinsettia was introduced to the United States from Mexico in the mid-1800s, and became a popular holiday plant by the 1920s. Bachman’s has been growing these ruby-hued beauties since the early 1930s, expanding their offerings and improving the product along the way resulting in the perfect poinsettias seen on shelves today.

Red is the classic color of choice for most poinsettia purchasers, but some prefer a touch of sparkle and whimsy. Bachman’s hand-painted “fantasy” poinsettias come in shimmering shades of blue, purple, gold and snow-dusted, and make a perfect glitzy addition to holiday décor.

To select a plant that you’ll be able to enjoy all season long, look for a plant with robust green foliage below in addition to bold color at the top. The flowers, which are located at the center of the leaves or bracts, should be small and bright yellow.

Caring for poinsettias is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines:

Think light. Keep your plant in a room with strong, indirect light to ensure it maintains its bold color.

Water regularly. Your poinsettia prefers evenly moist soil, but not standing water. Water it two to three times a week.

Stay warm. Keep your home between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for a happy poinsettia. These plants prefer neutral temps and should be kept away from drafts from radiators or air ducts.

May your holidays (and poinsettias) sparkle with joy and laughter.

Happy holidays from Bachman’s!