11 years ago

The holiday season is upon us and our cities are just lovely. From the snowflakes on the light posts down Nicollet Mall to the bright lights shining on every tree in Rice Park, the Twin Cities are full of magic and holiday spirit. 

While our homes are starting to fill with festive decorations and delicious foods, our malls are starting to overflow with eager shoppers trying to find that perfect gift. And as the holidays bring about the need for a grocery store trip (or ten), might I suggest visiting Lunds and Byerly’s to accomplish all your holiday shopping – groceries and gifts!

I’ve created a helpful guide to some of our unique gift ideas for the most popular people you may need a gift for, but are unsure what to buy: teachers, co-workers and hosts. 

The perfect “anybody” gifts:

  • Lunds and Byerly’s gift card chocolates box: Nestle a Lunds and Byerly’s gift card with your desired amount inside the top flap of our box of delicious, chocolate drenched sea salted caramels. Write a greeting on the flap and fold in to hide the gift card. What a grand surprise – a gift card tucked inside a box of chocolates! 
  • Seasons Eatings Holiday Candies: Our enhanced collection of Seasons Eatings candies, barks and brittles is perfect for holiday parties, in gift bags, or as stocking stuffers. The selection includes such favorites as peppermint bark and Klondike brittle, as well as new varieties including dark salted pretzel bark and peppermint crunch cookies.

Thanking that special teacher or co-worker:

  • Lunds and Byerly’s locally made, small batch roasted coffees: Choose from favorites like Twin Cities Blend, Holiday Blend or Scandinavian Blend. Each blend has its own distinctive flavor notes – smooth and rich, warm and delicious! 
  •  New Lord Nut Levington Peanuts: Delicious, seasoned peanuts in remarkable flavors: “Rebel Mary,” Bloody Mary flavor with pepper, lemon, and celery; “Thai Dyed,” flavored with curry and lemongrass; and “Mama Mia,” with tomato, garlic and cheese.

Delectable gifts for the sweetest host:

  • Lunds and Byerly’s pure premium Belgium chocolate bars: Wrap a festive ribbon around three or four bars for a tasty treat! Try dark chocolate with sea salt, milk chocolate with pretzel and toffee bits, dark chocolate with berries and more. Divine! 
  • Lazzaris Black Cherries in Amarena Syrup: Spoon these deep flavored cherries over warmed brie cheese; top ice cream or gelato; mix in to a Greek yogurt parfait and top with roasted nuts; place one is a glass of champagne – these cherries work for just about anything.

Please visit our stores for help from an expert FoodE on more unique gift ideas. We hope your holidays are filled with great joy and delicious food!

Julie Griffin, director of Lunds and Byerly’s products