6 years ago

Holiday artisan breads

says the holidays like the taste and smell of our freshly baked artisan breads!
Stop by our bakery and try our newest sweet and festive breads for the

Lunds & Byerlys Good Cheer
Raisin Walnut Artisan Bread:
Featuring plump raisins, crunchy walnuts, orange peel and
cardamom wrapped in a tender wheat and rye bread. Great toasted with butter!

Lunds & Byerlys Holiday Cranberry
White Chocolate Artisan Bread
: A light sourdough bread sprinkled with tart
dried cranberries, sweet bits of white chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla. Makes a
decadent French toast!

Our artisan
breads are made daily by hand with all-natural ingredients, in small batches and
never frozen. Pick some up for your holiday celebrations today!