3 years ago

Hail Fire Hot Sauce

In August 2020 much of Minnesota was impacted by a hailstorm that damaged homes, businesses and – for many local farmers – crops. Dana Jokela, a farmer in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, experienced this firsthand at his farm, Sogn Valley Farm. While things looked fine from a distance, hail pummeled his crops overnight and his peppers took the hardest hit, which caused him to lose about 40% of the fruit he’d been priming for six months.

The only hope was to quickly salvage what was left of the fruit. And that’s when popular Minneapolis entrepreneur, former chef and pickled pepper specialist Craig Kaiser, creator of Cry Baby Craig’s Hot Sauce, stepped in. Craig offered to take some of the salvaged crop and turn it into a limited-release hot sauce.

Through an exclusive partnership with Lunds & Byerlys, all proceeds from Hail Fire Hot Sauce will go back to support Dana and his employees at Sogn Valley Farm.

And that’s how Hail Fire Hot Sauce was born. You can purchase this small-batch hot sauce at Lunds & Byerlys while supplies last!