7 years ago

Limited time: Guinness chips

If you like Guinness, you’ve got to try Burts
Guinness-Flavored Potato Chips.

Burts has a reputation for creating fun, quirky flavors.
Their potato chips are consistently judged “the tastiest” in Britain, where
they’re produced.

These chips are hand cooked in small batches, using only the
finest and freshest natural ingredients, fried to crisp perfection and seasoned
with a unique blend of roasted barley and hop flavors. The result: A delicious potato
chip with the bittersweet flavor notes of the iconic Irish stout that is

Fun fact: You can find the name of the fryer and the field
from where the potatoes were harvested printed on each pack of Burts potato

They’re available for a limited time at Lunds & Byerlys
stores. Get them before they’re gone! Look for Burts British Hand Cooked Potato
Chips in the chip aisle.