7 years ago

Chef-crafted salads, available exclusively in our delis

Tim Tesch, executive chef, product development, shares the story behind our grab & go salads:

Being the executive chef for Lunds & Byerlys has enabled me to do what I love most: Creating new, innovative and delicious foods for our customers to discover and enjoy. Most recently I had the pleasure of working with a team to re-invent and re-create the ever-popular grab-and-go salads we offer.

These salads are composed of remarkable ingredients that are carefully arranged on a bed of greens, topped with foods that enhance each other’s flavor, along with a specifically chosen dressing that deliciously brings all the elements together. A salad that truly looks as good as it tastes!

As our team developed these salads, we focused first on fresh, high-quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. We considered food and dietary trends, flavor profiles with a broad appeal, and clean nutritious ingredients. You will find healthy, unique greens and lettuces, topped with everything from pomegranate seeds, edamame beans or fresh pears to grilled cilantro-mint chicken, wild rice or sweet dried cherries. These salads are so complete they often are the main meal, taking a side position to no one.

It truly takes a team of people to bring new ideas to our stores, and I’d like to thank all who worked on this project. I also have to give some credit to my personal “focus group” at home. My wife and I have three daughters who tasted every one of the new salads as they were developed.  I value everything they say – they just tell me, “That’s a winner, Dad,” or, “You don’t have to make that one again.”

Many others throughout the Lunds & Byerlys extended family also tasted these salads and provided us with valuable feedback. You can now find our delicious creations in all Lunds & Byerlys deli departments!

Below are just a few of my favorites:

Minnesota Nice Salad
Tender cooked wild rice, pomegranate seeds, celery, grape tomatoes, dried apricots, Marcona almonds and pecans on a bed of romaine and arugula. A sweet pomegranate dressing brings all the flavors and textures together.

Paleo Chicken Ginger Salad 
Five-spice-rubbed chicken, French green beans tossed with sesame seeds, red bell peppers, carrots, sliced almonds and fresh key lime halves on napa cabbage slaw with ginger sesame dressing.

Marvel Salad
Protein-packed edamame, sweet dried cherries, crisp veggies and pistachio nuts arranged on petite whole-leaf lettuces with smokehouse cider dressing.

Chicken Pad Thai Salad
Grilled cilantro-mint chicken breast, rice vermicelli noodles, red bell pepper, fresh orange segments, daikon sprouts and cashews on a bed of napa cabbage slaw. The pad thai dressing with lemongrass and ginger adds even more punch to this flavorful salad.

Pear Gorg Salad
Spicy sweet Bosc pears, Black River Gorgonzola, pomegranate seeds and pecans on a bed of petite whole-leaf lettuces and smokehouse cider dressing.

Kale, Caesar! with Chicken
Baby kale, herb grilled chicken, shaved Parmesan, garlic focaccia croutons, and grape tomatoes with mustard caesar dressing

We’re continuing to develop even more grab-and-go salads, and here are some I’ll be working on in the upcoming months:

  • Shrimp Taco Salad with Avocado Ranch Dressing
  • Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken and Creamy Yogurt Dressing
  • Paleo Beef Salad
  • Banh Mi Salad

We would love to hear your feedback, along with other salads you would like to see us create. Please enjoy!