4 years ago

Gladiolas: Locally Grown and Looking Gorgeous!

As one of the birth flowers for the month of August, there’s no better time to celebrate and enjoy gladiolas! These are one of our favorite flowers this time of year, and we’re excited to welcome them back into stores for the season. Gladiolas come in an impressive array of bright hues that embrace summer’s cheerful vibes.

Our gladiolas are grown in Michigan. Since the 1940s, the family-owned-and-operated farm has been growing and hand-picking more than 40 acres of these beautiful flowers annually — and we receive a new delivery each week so you can bring home the freshest selection.

If there’s one thing gladiolas have taught us, it’s that it’s OK to be a drama queen! With sword-like stems that stand between 2 and 4 feet tall, gladiolas can add dramatic flair to any flower arrangement. Their stately presence makes them a stand-alone favorite that’s perfect for a tall, sturdy vase in the center of a spacious room. But the beauty of these blooms is they can complement other flowers just as well. We love adding them to existing arrangements to offer extra color, texture and height.

And even if your living space doesn’t lend itself to a 3-foot-tall collection of flowers, you can still enjoy the beauty of glads. Their lightly ruffled petals unfurl into delicate blooms that can steal the spotlight without their well-known stalks. Simply snip each bloom at its base and place it in a low-lying bowl of water for a unique display that’s just as dazzling.

No matter which way you prefer them, there’s a lot to love about glads!