5 years ago

Gladiolas: Fresh From The Midwest

We’re several weeks into summer, and that means gladiolas are back at Bachman’s! Starting at the end of June and stretching through Labor Day, more than 110,000 of these breathtaking stems are delivered to us directly from our Midwest neighbors in Michigan. These flowers are fresh-picked from a family-owned and -operated farm that’s been growing since the 1940s. The family grows 42 acres of gladiolas every year — with about 70,000 of them planted on each acre! Bachman’s receives a new delivery every week, ensuring we have a constant supply of fresh flowers on hand for our customers.

If you’re mad for glads like we are, consider these tips for displaying your favorite summer flower:

Embrace their versatility.
Because of their height and abundance of blooms, gladiolas are an impressive floral focus when standing alone. When gathered with other flowers, they lend long lines and gentle movement to an arrangement. Feel free to mix things up! Display a few gladiolas on their own and a few in a bouquet to make the most of these beauties.

Steady these blooms with a solid base.
Gladiolas have strong stalks — and need an equally strong container to hold them! Show them off in a heavy vase made of ceramic or thick glass, and add smooth stones or polished rocks for a chic accent with stabilizing capabilities.

Reduce their height without reducing their beauty.
If a tall, sturdy vase isn’t readily available, don’t worry. There’s an easy way for gladiolas to decorate the family dinner table that won’t obstruct anyone’s view. Simply snip each bloom at its base and float the flowers in a low bubble bowl for a sweet centerpiece.