8 months ago

Garden Mums Have Arrived!

As we usher out a hot, hot summer, many people are ready to welcome the cozy comforts of fall. With cooler days comes fall color, and lots of it! Celebrate the full spectrum of seasonal color with gorgeous mums and seasonal accents from Bachman’s, in stores now. Ranging in color from deep bronze to vibrant purple, fall mums help to bring the best of the season to your outdoor décor.

It’s easy to add seasonal color to your doorstep with fall mums from Bachman’s. By this time of year, summer container plantings are often in need of a refresh. Swap out summer annuals for large and colorful mums to reinvigorate your landscape. Adding a large mum on either side of an entrance is an easy way to welcome the new season. For a more impressive seasonal display, choose mums in a variety of sizes and colors to line your steps or front porch. Accent with pumpkins and gourds for an extra seasonal splash. But why stop at the front door? Garden mums in fall hues are a perfect decorating solution for outdoor gatherings this fall. Add festive color to tables with mums in every fall hue. After the party, keep them for yourself or send home with guests!

Mums are a low-maintenance garden annual and adding even one to your porch or patio will add color you can enjoy all season. Choose mums with tight buds for the longest lasting blooms. Provide partial to full sun, and water when the top inch of soil is dry. Mums don’t like to dry out, but they also don’t like “wet feet,” so good drainage will help to prevent them from sitting in water. As blooms fade, be sure to pinch off spent blooms to keep the plant looking healthy and to encourage new buds to form.

Celebrate the very best of the season with garden mums from Bachman’s!