7 years ago

Four go-to
potato recipes

When it comes to comfort food, potatoes are right at the top
of the list!

We’re pleased to offer Tasteful Selections bagged fresh
. Grown by family farmers, they’re pre-washed, have tender skins
and are so easy to prepare – you can boil them, roast them in the oven or cook
them in the microwave. Their bite-right sizing allows them to go from pantry to
plate in record time. They cook fast and taste great – perfect for busy
families! Quick tip: Serve them with a sprinkle of Lunds & Byerlys Perfect
Potato Seasoning, available in our spice aisle, for the ultimate easy side

Look for them in four colorful varieties:

Ruby Sensation: light, fresh flavor with creamy flesh and
tender skin.
Serving suggestion: Red Hot
Potatoes with Bacon

Purple Passion: Slightly sweet, yet nutty with a plump
texture and firm skin.
Serving suggestion: Potato Sunset

Honey Gold: Buttery sweet flavor with velvety golden flesh
and delicate skin.
Serving suggestion: Italian Style
Potato Salad

Sunrise Medley: A mix of sweet, nutty and fresh flavors with
a consistently soft texture.
Serving suggestion: Potato Salad
with Apples

courtesy of Tasteful Selections