11 years ago

Every spring the warm sunshine returns to California and kicks off another berry season for the entire state. It is during this first part of the season where we are all able to enjoy something very special from our fine friends at Driscoll’s. The first time I saw this berry, I almost thought it was a fake; some handmade package of counterfeit berries that someone was going to use in a photo shoot or something. Then you open the package and pick up one of the monsters inside. It’s the real deal, a Driscoll’s Jumbo Strawberry!

This is the type of strawberry that gets you excited about berries. Each one that you pick up is as impressively big and beautiful as the next. Their perfect shape and color are everything that a strawberry should be. Driscolls achieves this by having very strict specifications as they harvest the berries. Each must be of a certain size and color in order to make it into a package of Jumbo Strawberries.

Driscolls Jumbo strawberries are available at Lunds and Byerly’s from mid-May to the end of June. It is the perfect strawberry for entertaining, chocolate dipping, graduation parties, or just everyday use. Whatever the occasion, these jumbos will keep you coming back for bite after bite.

How do you use your jumbo strawberries? Let’s hunt for the biggest one. Put your biggest strawberry next to a ruler and send us a photo!

Colin Lyons, produce buyer