3 years ago

Five must-try stuffed burgers

By now, most people have heard
of the Juicy Lucy, the Minnesota-born burger with hot, melted cheese in the
middle. Although you can find this burger at many local restaurants, it’s
actually pretty easy to make at home.

Here are our favorite
variations on this popular stuffed burger:


1.     The original: Juicy Lucy with American cheese

2.     Elegant: Spinach and goat cheese

3.     Hearty: Mushroom and Swiss

4.     Creamy herb: Alouette or Boursin

5.     Spicy: Jalapeño and cheddar


Once you’ve got the burgers
assembled, heat your grill to medium high (around 375–425 F), or heat two
tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large frying pan or grill pan over
medium-high heat until very hot.