4 years ago

Fall in Love with Fall in Bloom

With the weather cooling and the seasons changing, we know you’re anxious to plant a new crop of annuals in inviting autumn colors, and doing so is easy! Just remember — they’re better together.

Whether they’re filling your garden beds, decorating your outdoor containers, or spilling over your window boxes, these gorgeous garden additions will make you swoon this season.

Mums. Arguably fall’s most popular flower, these all-stars are available in red, bronze, yellow, purple and white. Thanks to their abundance of showy blooms, they often serve as the centerpiece to an autumn display. Plant several mums along your front walkway for a wave of seasonal color, create a container of one single hue to make a monochromatic statement, or fill an old basket or galvanized tin with mums to bring rustic charm.

Celosia. The feathery plumes of this garden staple offer undeniable texture, and the fiery colors are eye-catching.

Ornamental Kale. Dial up the drama of your outdoor containers with this outstanding addition. Kale provides a pop of green-purple color and endless ruffles of foliage.

Ornamental Peppers. Miniature groupings of these glossy peppers serve as a fun accent, and their bold blend of colors gives them even more to love.

Happy autumn from Bachman’s!