2 months ago

Fall Flowers from Bachman’s

Crisp autumn days encourage you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature. Add a touch of fall to your indoors with a vase full of fall flowers. When you’re at your neighborhood Lunds & Byerlys, it’s easy to pick up a fresh bouquet of Bachman’s beautiful blooms to brighten up your home.

This is the perfect time to celebrate the fall season. As the outdoors transition to gorgeous golds, reds and oranges, you can appreciate the beauty of the season right in your home with our favorite fall blooms.

Bouquets with fall flowers like mums and sunflowers will complement each other with their fall hues. Mix up the traditional fall flowers with greenery like kale and gold solidago which will make your arrangements look especially lush. Add stunning color to your arrangements with leucadendron and hypericum for a unique pop of color and texture.

As days start to get cooler and evenings get longer, a bouquet of fresh flowers will remind you to enjoy the best of the fall season. Your everyday favorites like roses, carnations and lilies in fall tones can also be mixed in with fall flowers to make a stunning arrangement. Add vivid color to your arrangement with alstroemeria and make a bold look with hydrangea blooms.

Create an inviting environment in your home with fragrant grab-and-go bouquets that make it easy to decorate for your special gatherings and celebrations. And, a beautiful bouquet makes a thoughtful gift for neighbors, friends, or family that will surely brighten their day.

Be sure to trim your stems daily, give them fresh water, and use Bachman’s flower food to make your bouquet last. Most importantly, enjoy your natural fall décor and arranging with traditional flowers and seasonal blooms.

Have a happy fall!