7 years ago

Succulent and Cactus Gardens

Style Indoors and Out

Want to make a statement, but don’t want the hassle
of high-maintenance plants? Meet succulents and cacti. They don’t need much
water and they’re so pretty! Take advantage of the diverse variation in colors,
textures and types of succulents and cacti. Mix and match, or switch it up for unparalleled

On-the-go schedules pose a challenge to keeping indoor
plants well-watered, but with succulents and cacti that’s no problem! Succulents
and cacti require less watering than other indoor plants because they have the
ability to store extra water in fleshy leaves or stems. So you don’t need to
worry if you have an upcoming vacation or plan to spend time at the cabin this
summer – these plants will be just fine!

Succulents and cacti easily adapt in many different growing
environments; try them in planters, outdoor containers and living walls. These
versatile plants allow your creativity to flourish; the possibilities are
endless when it comes to decorating your home or office with these special
green plants!

If you’re looking to add instant style, Bachman’s has a
unique selection of handcrafted succulent and cacti gardens that are ready to
go home with you, or create your own planter with a selection of succulents and


Succulents and cacti thrive in low humidity, high-light
locations in the home, which makes them perfect for the casual grower.

They prefer dry environments and require about 5-6 hours of
direct sunlight each day. Water succulents and cacti when the soil has dried
out slightly.