2 years ago

Enjoying The Season Of Fresh Fragrances

The scent of summer is back in full bloom and you can bring it home with you! Everywhere you look, lush and colorful lilac shrubs are lining sidewalks, pouring over the tops of fences and filling both private yards and public spaces with their intoxicating aroma. But even if you don’t grow lilacs in your own landscape, you can pick up a bouquet of these beloved beauties from Bachman’s at Lunds & Byerlys.

Our selection of cut lilacs is grown locally on a farm just outside of the Twin Cities. Another one of our favorites this time of year is also grown close to home. Our peonies come straight from the fields of Minnesota and western Wisconsin to your family’s table, so you know you’re getting the freshest flowers possible.

With massive blooms formed by beautifully ruffled petals in dreamy shades of pink, red and white, we are fawning all over peonies and we aren’t ashamed to show it! When you’re shopping for this outstanding eye candy, don’t be afraid to buy a bouquet with a few blooms still in bud form. As long as the buds feel soft, they’re close to opening and you’ll get to see the beauty unfold from start to finish.

Whether you prefer lilacs or peonies (or both!), here are a few ways to make those sweetly scented bouquets last in your home as long as possible:

  • Keep them cool. Your fresh flowers will feel their best if kept in a cool place that’s between 65 and 72 F. To avoid dehydration, make sure they stay out of direct sunlight and away from vents or drafty areas.
  • Quench their thirst. Add water to their vase each day, but make sure it’s nice and cool. Warm water makes flowers open more quickly. If the water starts getting cloudy, pour it out and replace it with fresh water.
  • Snip their stems. When you’re giving your flowers fresh water, it’s a great idea to give them a fresh cut as well. Snip each stem at a 45-degree angle about 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom. Cutting at an angle prevents the stems from sitting flush with the bottom of the vase and collecting unwanted bacteria. It also gives the stems more surface area to take in water.
  • Give them food. Give your lilacs and peonies added nutrients by sprinkling in a new packet of floral food whenever you replace the water. Floral food is a special blend of additives that nourishes your arrangement and discourages bacteria from growing in the water.

Wishing you a refreshing and fragrant summer, from Bachman’s!