9 years ago

It’s the main attraction at Thanksgiving, but not everyone’s an expert when it comes to picking out and preparing a turkey. If this is you, I have the solution – get an organic turkey and brine it! Honestly, the best way to have an awesome, center-of-the-table, award-winning turkey is to go this route. It’ll keep your guests from drowning your turkey in gravy. Trust me.

Here’s your script as you brag away while your organic turkey is brought to the table and carved:

“This year I bought an organic turkey and brined it myself. Can you believe it? I learned how to brine a turkey from the simple instructions on the Lunds and Byerly’s Brining Blend that I bought. Brining adds flavor and moisture to the turkey. It’s so easy!” See? We’ve even thought up your bragging for you. Your turkey will be that good.

There’s only one kid in town that can deliver the goods when it comes to the organic turkey and that’s Larry Shultz. He’s earned all the talking points you’ll need to authenticate those bragging rights to your organic turkey. So much so in fact that Larry is the farmer behind our own Lunds and Byerly’s organic turkey label.

The small family farm is located just outside of Owatonna, Minn. Larry and his wife, Cindy, are fourth generation farmers who have always farmed organically. In 1998 they certified their farm and land as organic. Since our organic turkeys come from Owatonna, they’re local, too. Local food supports sustainability by contributing to a lower carbon foot print. I love the idea that I just saved on gas.

The best part is I know this turkey is fresh and has been fed an organic vegetarian diet. That means there are no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in your turkey because the USDA doesn’t allow GMOs in organic foods, ever.

Our organic turkeys are $2.99/lb. We also have many other organic offerings for the holidays, like cranberry sauce, squash and potatoes, beer and wine and ice-cream. Make sure to pick up a package of our turkey brining blend – it has all the instructions you need to make your turkey the highlight of the table.

Bon appétit my friends! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Bea James, senior manager of organic, natural and sustainable programs