8 years ago

Enjoy a taste of New Zealand for breakfast

Seven Sundays Muesli is inspired by New Zealand, where an active, sustainable lifestyle is the norm and fresh, homemade toasted muesli is a breakfast staple. After visiting there, Seven Sundays founders Hanna & Brady were determined to bring a taste of New Zealand back to the United States … and so Seven Sundays Muesli was born.

Their hearty, gourmet muesli is made with ingredients that are locally sourced from Minnesota or Canada and as unprocessed as possible; from pure, sun-dried fruits to hearty whole grains and nuts. The grains are lightly toasted, not baked, and only lightly sweetened with organic honey. 

Why “Seven Sundays?” In the words of Hanna & Brady: “Well, for us, breakfast is more than a meal, it’s a time. A time to enjoy fresh coffee, the newspaper and the moments before the day takes hold – like a Sunday morning. We want our mueslis to be a reminder to enjoy breakfast time on Sunday and every day of the week.”

Look for Seven Sundays Muesli in our cereal aisle.