10 years ago

Easter is lovely and a true sign of new life – the end of winter and the fresh new start of spring. My family has a lot of Easter traditions, especially in the food department! All our baked goods come from Lunds and Byerly’s bakeries, so don’t be afraid to taste test a few with your family.

We start off with a breakfast of warm hot cross buns, French toast made with circle cinnamon bread, scrambled eggs and lots of coffee (as we were probably up late the evening before playing cards with a glass of wine or two). The Easter Bunny will have visited overnight and much to the children’s delight, left baskets overflowing with chocolates, pastel colored candies, a kite and some sidewalk chalk for sure. Maybe he’s even left a sea salt caramel for me! 

After we return from church, we set-up the Easter egg hunt with the kids. My aunt is usually in charge of our family’s hunt and she does a great job. The older you are, the more difficult it is to find your eggs! We set the little ones off in search of the brightly colored eggs that are usually hidden outside around the house – weather permitting of course. I have no idea how many dozen eggs she buys and dyes for this hunt, but we’re certain to have egg salad sandwiches for the next week or so. She has to do a final count to be sure there are not some eggs still sitting in a shrub for her dog to find later! 

Then comes the ham and augratin potatoes, scalloped corn, jello salads (yes, we’re all Minnesotan), spinach salad, fresh tea buns from the bakery and the list goes on. For dessert, the kids love to dig into the centerpiece of the table, which is the cute Easter Bunny cake from Lunds and Byerly’s, and the adults will have angel food cake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. A refreshing spring treat.

There are so many delicious things to eat and traditions to uphold for Easter! What are your favorites?

Amy Fouks, bakery category manager