2 years ago

Sound The Trumpets — Easter Lilies Are Back!

Easter is April 4, and while the famous bunny focuses his efforts on filling baskets with sweet treats, we’re turning our attention to beautiful blooms!

The return of spring and its quintessential holiday also means the return of Easter lilies, and we can remember their sweet scent as clearly as if they never left! These fragrant beauties with trumpet-shaped blooms are a welcome guest at any Easter celebration and a timeless gift to send to friends or extended family hosting their own soiree for the occasion.

By following a few simple care tips, you can help Easter lilies look their best as long as possible. Start by removing the yellow anthers as your lilies open up to keep those petals clean and encourage longer-lasting flowers. Be sure you’re displaying your plant somewhere that receives proper light, isn’t too warm, and is out of reach of pets. We’re talking bright, indirect light and a cool 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s particularly important to keep your lily away from any curious kitties because the plant can be toxic to them if ingested. Finally, provide frequent watering to ensure the soil stays moist as long as the plant is flowering.

With pure white petals that complement any color, Easter lilies make a breathtaking backdrop for a wide variety of other cherished flowers.

Ring in spring with a splash of bright hues from hydrangeas, watch beauty evolve from bulb to bloom with Watch ’em Grow bulb gardens, or capture the season with bunches of fresh-cut tulips and daffodils that you can arrange in a festive vase. All of these options will introduce a burst of color into your Easter celebrations, become fresh additions in your family’s Easter baskets, and serve as thoughtful ways to spread springtime cheer to friends and neighbors.

Since light, water and temperature needs vary among blooming plants, bulb gardens, and fresh-cut flowers, we’ve got thorough care sheets ready and waiting to help you get the most out of your Easter additions. Find them all at Bachmans.com.

Happy Easter from Bachman’s!