3 years ago

Delicious cocktails made with apple cider

Ahh, fall … that
time of year when you can buy apple cider by the gallon, whether it’s at a
small-town farm stand, a neighborhood apple orchard or your local Lunds &
Byerlys store. It can be served cold or warm; mulled
cider in the crockpot
is perfect for parties and a tasty way to keep warm
when the wind turns brisk.

Here are three more
apple cider cocktails that are a must-have for any fall party:


Cider shandy: Mix 1 part cider to 3 parts beer.

Apple cider mimosas: Mix 1 part apple cider to 3 parts sparkling wine.

Bourbon apple cider: Pour 2 oz. of bourbon
into a Tom Collins glass with ice. Top off with apple cider.

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