6 years ago

Decorate Your Easter With Blooming Beauty

Easter is April 1, and amidst the bunnies, baby chicks and chocolate candies, bright and colorful blooms make a beautiful addition to both your Easter décor and your holiday gifting! Some of our favorite blooming plants include Bachman’s-grown tulips, daffodils and hyacinth, as well as cyclamen, azaleas, hydrangea, and of course, Easter lilies. Each one brings a touch of the garden indoors and introduces a burst of spring color into your celebrations.

Whether you’re welcoming the season with a color palette that’s bold and brilliant or sweet and soft, blooming plants offer a range of hues — from vivid magenta to muted blue — that will complement your décor. They also make a fresh addition to your family’s Easter baskets or a beautiful gift for spreading springtime cheer to friends and neighbors.

To help your blooming plants live long past your Easter celebrations, proper care is essential. Start by choosing the best quality plant available. In addition to having a full shape and healthy foliage, your blooming plant should have some flowers open and an abundance of developing buds.

Then, find a cozy place for your plant to enjoy plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. Since water, temperature and fertilizer needs will vary depending on variety, we recommend browsing the care sheet for your chosen plant at Bachmans.com.

If you’re enjoying the quintessential plant of the season — Easter lilies — take extra care to help them look their best. Begin by removing the yellow anthers as the flowers start to open. This keeps the petals white and makes the lily last longer. Keep your Easter lily in an area where the temperature is a cool 60 to 65 degrees and there’s daytime light, but no direct sunlight. And lastly, ensure the soil stays moist as long as your lily is flowering. Follow these simple steps and you’ll enjoy these fragrant flowers long through spring. For more tips, read our Easter lily care sheet online.

Happy Easter from Bachman’s!