4 years ago

Craft beer favorites

We asked some of
our Wines
& Spirits
experts to pick their favorite local brews … and here’s what
they chose!

Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale: Featuring dark hops and citrus notes with a complex, malty
backbone. Pairs well with anything salty or fried, as well as
Southwestern-style dishes like fajitas.

– Kevin Cunningham, Wines & Spirits Manager at our St.
Louis Park store

Summit Porter: This beer’s roasted malts offer up light coffee notes leading
to a slightly sweet, chocolate finish. Pairs well with soft, creamy cheeses,
soups, stews, smoked foods and chocolate.

– Christi Olson, Wines & Spirits Manager at our Golden
Valley store

Boom Island Hoodoo Dubbel: Lightly hoppy and full-bodied with dark malt flavors of
cocoa, espresso, caramel and an ever-so-subtle hint of banana. Pairs well with
a hearty meal, but equally delicious as an after-dinner sipper.

– Tabetha Carda, Wines & Spirits Manager at our
Woodbury store

Surly Furious: An amber-colored ale with citrusy, hoppy aromas and flavors,
balanced out by a chewy caramel malt backbone and refreshing bitter finish.
Goes great with any meal!

– Jason Newell, Wines & Spirits Manager at our
Chanhassen store

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