7 years ago

Chill out with our gelato and sorbet

Our artisan gelato is made in authentic Italian style, with equipment and ingredients imported directly from Italy. Gelato is similar to ice cream; however, since gelato is churned at a slower speed, it is denser and creamier, with more intense flavor. Plus, it uses less cream, so it usually has less fat than ice cream. Our gelato is available in five delicious flavors:

Sea Salt Caramel – Creamy caramel meets hints of Mediterranean sea salt, topped with chocolate sea salt truffles.

Tiramisu – The most popular Italian dessert! Translated literally to “pick me up,” this special flavor is a gift to all tiramisu and coffee lovers.

Tahitian Vanilla – There is nothing “just vanilla” about this flavor. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Pistachio – Churned with premium, rich, Italian pistachios.

Chocolate – Crafted using the best cocoa in the world, our chocolate is rich, yet delicate.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try our authentic, Italian-style sorbet. It comes in two refreshing flavors:

Limoncello – Named after the traditional liquor from Amalfi

Blood Orange – Created from fresh, premium blood oranges imported from Sicily

Both our gelato and our sorbet are great for desserts, smoothies, milkshakes and even cocktails. Look for them in the frozen desserts section.