3 months ago

Celebrate the Season with Nature’s Beauty

This holiday season, let nature play a central role in your celebrations. The beauty of evergreens, the warmth of birch, and the vibrancy of berries and flowers all come together to create a festive atmosphere – both outdoors and indoors – that welcomes and delights. Embrace these natural elements and let them add to the magic of your holiday season.

Holiday Planters: A Wintry Welcome

Imagine a lovely planter brimming with mixed evergreens greeting you at your front step. The fresh greenery not only adds a natural touch but also fills the air with a delightful fragrance. Enhancing this green beauty are birch poles, adding a rustic charm. Sprinkled throughout are clusters of bright berries, twigs, and pine cones, creating a truly wintry display. This planter is more than just a decoration; it’s a celebration of the season’s natural beauty. When you’re at your neighborhood Lunds & Byerlys shopping for your favorite holiday treats, it’s easy to pick up a festive planter and feature it in just the right place outside your home.

Christmas Bouquets: A Burst of Joy

Inside your home, let holiday-inspired bouquets be the centerpiece of your decor. Our selection of beautiful bouquets, crafted with care and creativity, is sure to liven up any space. Whether it’s for brightening your holiday parties or as a thoughtful hostess gift, these bouquets are a perfect choice. With a variety of designs and styles, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Bring home a bouquet today and fill your home with the cheerful spirit of the holidays. Be sure to keep your bouquet in a cool spot to keep it looking beautiful and change the water every other day for lasting blooms.

Enjoy the beauty of the winter season and happy holidays from Bachman’s!