6 years ago

Bring on the Pansies!

By: Susan Bachman West, Bachman’s executive director of perishable operations

Spring has sprung, but we’re
patiently awaiting warmer weather before we officially start digging in the
garden. Celebrate this season of renewal by creating a welcoming spring
entrance. Fill an outdoor container with a transitional planting to help
brighten the doorstep or patio from now until garden season!

Pansies are one of the most
popular and recognizable cool weather annuals, which makes them ideal for
adding a pop of color to your outdoor patio, deck or yard. Try using faux
branches and other cold season blooms such as ranunculus, cyclamen and
cineraria to create a lush planting and seasonal interest.

After months of growing in greenhouses, pansies can finally make their way outdoors. Just remember to temporarily move them indoors if temps drop below 28 degrees again.  

With proper care, pansies can last quite a while in the bowl, and even be transferred into your garden bed (if you’d like) once the soil is warm enough for planting. You can find our pansy bowls at any Lunds & Byerlys store.

Bachman’s Tips:

  • Water regularly, and even more if blooms seem to droop.
  • Put pansies in a place that receives a good amount of sun.
  • Use all-purpose fertilizer occasionally to help them grow.  
  • Pinch off blooms to stimulate new growth.
  • Prune dying flowers by clipping the entire stem.

Enjoy the season’s first color, and much more on the way!