5 years ago

Brighten Your Winter Rooms with Spring Blooms

Craving a colorful escape from snow
white days this winter? Bring the beauty of spring blooms indoors with Watch ’em
Grow® Bulb Gardens. Exclusively created by Bachman’s, these bulb gardens are
planted in the fall and adapted to flower early, bringing you a bounty of
cheerful blooms to appreciate throughout the long winter months. Each one
features a combination of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and muscari to fill
your home with vibrant hues and refreshing, familiar fragrances.

Here’s what you
should know about caring for your Watch
’em Grow® Bulb Garden.

It likes to drink. Your bulb garden needs
frequent watering but shouldn’t sit in water or get soggy. To strike the
perfect balance, water it thoroughly anytime the top of the soil is dry to the

Light levels matter. Find a brightly lit room for your bulb garden
to call home. Keep it out of direct sunlight — especially in the afternoon — as
direct sun will shorten the life of the blooms.

You can influence the
Prolong the
life of your garden’s blooms by placing it in a cool location, between 50 and
60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re eager to see blooms sooner, move your Watch ’em Grow® somewhere warm, being careful to
avoid temperatures above 75 degrees.