9 years ago

Sometimes you just can’t eat the entire loaf. We get it! Some of you have smaller households and there’s always a desire to have fresh product! Plus, smaller sizes means less calories and less work fighting the urge to nibble at the leftovers on the counter before bed.

This is where our new Bread for Two comes in! We knew this is what you had been asking for.

Bread for Two is available in all 22 Lunds and Byerly’s grocery stores. You won’t find them in the bakery though; they’re usually next to the rotisserie chickens in the deli or near the front of the store. We have four varieties of small-sized bread: focaccia, honey whole grain loaf, rustic Italian and a mini baguette.

Delicious, all-natural options at a great price – 2 packages for just $4. It’s a price that can’t be passed over. Just heat your Bread for Two in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Last weekend, I brought home the focaccia with some Italian deli meat and provolone cheese. My husband and I sliced it, filled it with meat and cheese and put it under the broiler for a few minutes for a delicious homemade Italian sandwich. It was big enough for at least two people.

Now that it’s starting to get warmer out, I don’t always want to turn on the oven to heat these up, so I’ll wrap breads in foil and put them on the grill to finish heating. It’s a great way to add that warm bread to your table with steak or pork chops.

So, when you’re in the stores next time, look for our new Bread for Two and give them a try! 

Amy Fouks, bakery category manager