8 years ago

Spice up your grill this summer

Lunds & Byerlys grill seasonings and spices are your shortcut to flavor this summer! All our quality spices are made by the Wayzata Bay Spice Company – a family-owned company located in Rogers, Minnesota. 

If you buy any spices this season, here are the ones to try:

Minnesota Steak Seasoning: Gives you the smoky flavor of cooking over a real fire. This seasoning isn’t spicy-hot but has a robust flavor that enhances any cut of beef.

Burger Seasoning: Great to sprinkle on any burger while it’s cooking to get the best flavor. Works for beef, turkey and salmon burgers.

Gone Fishin’: A unique salt-free blend of citrus, herbs and spices. Great on mild fish, such as walleye, sea bass, trout and cod. For a great taste, brush olive oil and sprinkle Gone Fishin’ seasoning; then grill, bake or pan-fry. Sesame seeds can be added for a nutty flavor.

Northern Lights: Enjoy the smell and taste of cooking at the family cabin, complete with overtones of hickory, wild berries and herbs. Try Northern Lights on fish, especially salmon, as well as chicken and pork. It’s versatile and can be used with veggies and in wild rice soup, too.

Look for Lunds & Byerlys grill seasonings in our spice aisle.