8 years ago

All about our beer and wine jellies

Lunds & Byerlys premium beer and wine jellies offer the same delightful experience as a good glass of beer or wine – with a much wider range of use.

Made for us by a mom & pop business dedicated to the principles and practice of organic farming, our jellies come in four flavors: Golden IPA, porter, Chardonnay and Merlot.

Each jelly is all natural and made with only three ingredients, giving the jellies a clean taste and bold flavors. Try them on ham & Brie sandwiches or hamburgers, or pair them with cheddar and Gouda cheeses. Our Chardonnay jelly is excellent on a cheese plate with soft cheeses, grapes and nuts. Our Merlot jelly is fantastic with bratwurst and charcuterie.

Look for Lunds & Byerlys premium beer and wine jellies in our grocery aisles.