4 years ago

Appetizer idea: Sammie Skewers

Sandwiches get a
makeover with these fun skewers! Plus, they can be made with just about any
fresh fruits or veggies. Perfect for an appetizer or light lunch.


  • 4 slices Metro
    Deli smoked turkey breast, individual slices rolled and cut into 4 pieces
  • 16 organic
    seedless grapes
  • 2 string
    cheese, each cut into 4 pieces
  • 8 snow
    peas, lightly blanched
  • 1 Lunds & Byerlys
    Pretzel Sandwich Roll, cut into 12 pieces
  • 8  RSVP Bamboo Skewers


  1. Prepare each
    ingredient as indicated above.
  2. Skewer 1
    turkey piece, then 1 grape, then string cheese, then 1 snow pea, (blanching the
    snow peas makes them flexible so you can skewer the snow pea around the string
    cheese) then a piece of pretzel roll, and last, if there is enough room, another
    grape. Repeat for remaining skewers.

Calories: 230 Total Fat: 7g Saturated Fat: 3.5g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 35mg Sodium: 510mg Carbohydrate: 24g Fiber: 1g Sugars: 8g Protein: 18g

Nutrition content of this recipe is calculated by a registered dietitian nutritionist. Due to variations in ingredients and measurements, values are approximations. Nutrients provided for this recipe represent values based on the best available information. This information is not intended to treat or diagnose. Please consult your physician for diet recommendations specific to your personal needs.