10 years ago

This year we’re honored to celebrate Lunds and Byerly’s 75th anniversary. It’s humbling to know we’ve been an important piece of the fabric of the greater Twin Cities community since 1939, when my grandfather, Russell T. Lund, Sr. opened our first store on Lake Street.

Our story began with his vision to create a grocery shopping experience that was second to none through unmatched service, quality and expertise. From the very beginning, he surrounded himself with people who shared and built upon his commitment and compassion for each other and the community.

Today, we’re celebrating 75 years of each other, 75 years of supporting the communities we serve and 75 years of innovation, dedication and passion. 

Our theme is “Growing Together” because our story truly is about growing together as people – co‐workers, customers, and community and business partners, alike.


Our 75th anniversary celebration is coming to life through:

Storytelling: There are countless stories that have defined us as part of this community since 1939, so we’re inviting everyone to share their stories – via audio and text. Story collection is taking place through August 31. Weekly prizes of $75 will be given at random to those who have shared a story. Your stories will appear on our website in mid‐July for voting – the story with the most votes wins a $750 grand prize Lunds and Byerly’s gift card. 
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Product stories: On a weekly basis, we’re also showcasing and sampling many of our signature products and vendor relationships. This includes everything from our cakes, spices and wild rice soup to our deep partnerships with local farmers and other companies who share our demonstrated commitment to quality. 
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Prizes: In addition to the weekly and grand prizes we’re giving away through our story collection, we’ll also give away many additional prizes throughout the year.

I hope you’ll take some time to share your story and encourage others to do the same. For every story we collect, we’ll make a $7.50 donation to Second Harvest Heartland to help those in need. 

We really do have an amazing story to share about growing together. Our company is 75 years young and we look forward to serving you for the next 75 years and beyond.

Tres Lund, chairman and CEO of Lunds and Byerly’s