7 years ago

5 ways to use leftover herbs

We’ve all done it: You buy a big
bunch of herbs for a recipe, use it once and then – before you know it – the
rest of the bunch has gone bad.

Here are five foolproof ways to
make the most of your fresh herbs and enjoy them long after that first recipe:

  1. Freeze ‘em. This works best for hearty herbs like oregano, thyme, sage and
    rosemary. But don’t just stick them in the freezer by themselves; instead, mix
    them with unsalted butter or olive oil and you’ll have a wonderful spread for bread
    that you can just pull out of the freezer for months to come.

  2. Make pesto. This is a great idea for that big bunch of basil from your garden. Here’s our favorite pesto
    P.S. You can also make pesto from parsley
    or cilantro.

  3. Make herb butter. Chop your herbs, fold into softened butter and serve with crusty
    or on

  4. Dry them. Tie the stems together with some kitchen twine or a rubber band. Put
    them stem-side up in a paper bag and tie the end of the bag closed. Poke a few
    holes in the bag for ventilation and hang it by the stem end in a warm,
    well-ventilated room. They’ll be dried within a week or so. Source: HGTV.

  5. Make an herb oil. Mix your herbs into a cup or two of olive oil. Add some garlic and
    freshly cracker pepper. Let sit for a day or two to really let the herb flavors
    infuse the oil; use within 4-5 days. Use for sautéing and drizzling over
    vegetables, salads, pasta and eggs. Delicious! Source: Joy the