7 years ago

5 ways to grill veggies

vegetables are a wonderful complement to any kind of grilled meat, whether
you’re cooking steak,
pork, chicken or fish.
Here are five delicious combos that are sure to take your veggies to the next

  1. Asian dressing + eggplant, yellow
    peppers, zucchini, garlic and lemongrass

  2. Chipotle dressing + red pepper,
    mushrooms, grilled corn and red onion

  3. Caesar salad dressing + butternut
    squash, green pepper, mushrooms and red onion

  4. Balsamic vinaigrette + yellow summer
    squash, red pepper, asparagus and garlic

  5. Italian salad dressing + zucchini,
    mushrooms, red onion and fresh rosemary

Just toss
the vegetables in the dressing, then put on skewers, in a grill basket or
directly on the grill. Grill on medium-high heat until veggies are tender and
slightly charred.