7 years ago

5 new ways to top your hot dog

Step aside,
ketchup. Move over, mustard. We’ve got five new ways to top your hot dogs this

  1. Bacon-wrapped:
    Just like it sounds. Wrap your
    dog with bacon and grill to perfection.

  2. BBQ: Smear your dog with Lunds
    & Byerly Bar-B-Q Sauce
    , available in five flavors.

  3. Slaw: Pile on our deli coleslaw…or get a little more
    adventurous with kimchi.

  4. Beer &
    Bring a saucepan
    of your favorite beer to a boil, add your hot dogs, return to a boil, then
    remove from the heat, cover and let sit for 7-10 minutes. Slather with a grainy

  5. Cheese dog: Top your dog with a handful of your favorite shredded