10 years ago

There are a lot of new trends we’re seeing for 2013! Stay hip in the baking world and wow your friends with your inside scoop on what’s hot this year. 

The next level of cupcakes – Yes, they’re still growing in popularity! This is a trend that may never fade away! We’ve taken them to the next level with fillings and toppings that our cake decorators and pastry chefs have been dreaming of just for you! Chai Spice, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Piña Colada and Caramel Latte are some of my favorites! 

Better for you bakery – although most products in the bakery are not exactly guilt-free, there is a growing trend toward making things a little healthier. Watching sugar contents, trying whole wheat flour and adding super-fruits (goji berries, acai, green tea, pomegranate, etc.) to your tasty treats are a few ways we can make bakery a little better for you.

Nordic trends – Kringle, Kransekake (special order), Danish with traditional almond and poppy are a few of the Nordic items we carry. Nordic foods will be a hot trend in restaurants, particularly in the upper Midwest as we have many people here with Nordic in their blood. We’re jumping on this exciting trend in our bakeries, too!

Portion control/smaller package sizes – Mini sizes and two-bite desserts are still the rage. Less calories, less guilt, but still some great flavors!

Environmentally friendly packaging – We’re working toward bringing in more compostable packaging. We have a few key packaging manufacturers that are helping us take steps in the right direction to make these changes. You’ll see some of our changes in 2013.

Fresh at your convenience – A perfect example of this is our Bake-at-Home bread line. Fantastic bread that you can bake in your oven for a few minutes and it’s hot and fresh. Even if you want it at 2am, now you’ve got it!

Expanding flavor palates – Sweet/salty combinations, exotic spices and flavor combinations are hot right now. We’ve also seen a huge trend in alcohol flavors – margarita cupcakes, limoncello cakes, rum tarts, champagne solitaires, etc. Gourmet sweet treats are not just for the kids anymore!

Re-inventing nostalgia – everything we used to know, love and eat is back again! We make a fantastic “Hostess” cupcake knock-off that’s better than the original (it’ll help fight those cravings for the treat no longer on the shelves). These will bring you back to the great memories of your elementary school lunchroom.

For more 2013 trend information or to simply satisfy that sweet tooth, don’t be shy around our bakeries this year!

Amy Fouks, bakery category manager