NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System Launches in the Twin Cities

In a sea of nutrition information, NuVal scores provide simplified, effective ways for customers to make more informed decisions while shopping

EDINA, Minn. (September 5, 2012) — Lund Food Holdings, Inc. has recently launched the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System in all of its Lunds & Byerlys locations, becoming the first retailer in the Twin Cities to implement the NuVal System.

This science-based nutritional scoring system shows consumers the nutritional value of foods they buy. This system scores food and beverages based on more than 30 favorable and unfavorable nutritional factors that might be present in a product – everything from fiber and vitamins to sugar and sodium.

Products are given a score between 1 and 100 that is clearly displayed on the product’s shelf tag, next to the price. The higher the NuVal score, the more nutritious the product. Nearly 15,000 products in Lunds & Byerlys stores have a NuVal score, and that number will continue to rise as the NuVal System analyzes and scores additional products on an ongoing basis.

“For years it’s been expected that people make nutrition decisions on their own by trying to understand a product’s in-depth nutritional label,” explained Janice Cox, Lunds & Byerlys registered dietitian. “It’s clear that approach isn’t working because obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates continue to climb. This is why we believe the NuVal System is a wonderful nutrition tool to offer our customers.”

The NuVal System was developed by a team of nutrition and medical experts from leading health organizations and universities. This scoring system is based on recommendations such as the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and Dietary Reference Intakes. Scores are created using a product’s Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredient list to ensure the most accurate scores possible. The NuVal System reflects widely accepted research in nutrition and nutrients, as well as the impact of these nutrients on our health, both positively and negatively.

How to Use the NuVal System:

NuVal scores help customers trade up within food categories, such as cereals, milks, breads, meats, etc., for more nutritious selections. The cereal category, for example, has NuVal scores ranging from 2-91, and the category average score is 27. In the yogurt category, the scores range between 9 and 100 with a category average of 47.

Trade ups are easy with the NuVal System. Here are a few examples:
• Special K: Original has a NuVal score of 20, Red Berry is a 24, and Protein Plus is a 53
• Granola: Bear Naked Fruit and Nut is a 28, while Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch is a 91
• Yoplait Yogurt: Original Lemon Burst is a 27, Lite Blueberry is a 61, and Greek Plain is a 98

“The NuVal System is going to be a wonderful tool for those who aren’t experts at reading nutrition labels but want to make more nutritious choices for themselves and their families,” Janice said. “While there’s a lot of complex science behind each NuVal score, our customers will be able to compare the nutritional value of products by looking at one, easy-to-understand number.”

About NuVal
The NuVal Nutritional Scoring System scores foods and beverages based on more than 30 different nutrients and nutrition factors – everything from fiber and vitamins to sugar and sodium. It’s powered by a patent-pending algorithm for measuring a product’s nutritional quality. Nutrients with generally favorable effects on health are placed in the numerator, where higher values increase the NuVal Score. Nutrients with generally unfavorable effects on health are placed in the denominator, where higher values decrease the NuVal score. The result is a simple, easy to understand score from 1-100. The higher the score, the more nutritious the product. It was developed by an independent team of top nutrition and public health experts and is designed to help consumers make more nutritious choices.