A Guide to Lunds & Byerlys Seasoning Blends

<p><strong>Dry-Aged Beef Seasoning</strong></p>

Dry-Aged Beef Seasoning

Herbs, onion, and pepper create a base to enhance the flavor of any cut of beef. A hint of lavender makes for a clean, pure beef taste.

All cuts of beef. Also great on vegetables.

Northern Lights Seasoning

A combination of herbs, wild berries, flavorful spices, such as onion, garlic, and pepper, and smokiness combine to create a delicious flavor.

Fish (especially salmon), ribs, pork, and chicken.

<p><strong>Trail Dust Seasoning</strong></p>

Trail Dust Seasoning

Southwestern flavor featuring robust onion and garlic, smoky chipotle, earthy ancho, and a variety of spices. A touch of cilantro is added for authentic Southwestern flavor.

Beef, pork, chicken, Potatoes, and vegetables. Add to sour cream for a dip mix.


A sweet and spicy seasoning with flavors of the Caribbean. A dozen different spices create a seasoning with “layers of flavor,” so the taste changes in your mouth.

Shrimp, chicken,
pork, and beef.

<p><strong>Wild Rice Seasoning</strong></p>

Wild Rice Seasoning

A complex mixture of spices and mushrooms create an earthy seasoning that complements any wild rice dish.

Wild rice dishes and soups. Vegetables and beef.


A modern replication of a classic Argentine beef seasoning. This citrusy seasoning can be shaken on meat directly from the bottle, or follow bottle directions to rehydrate seasoning for authentic Chimichurri flavor.

Beef. Also ideal
for grilled corn
on the cob.

<p><strong>Cajun</strong><br />


Flavorful, savory, spicy, and robust. Only one thing is missing: the salt. This seasoning adds great flavor to a variety of foods without the need for salt.

Beef, chicken,
pork, shrimp,
and vegetables.


This Mexican seasoning has a vibrant flavor, with garlic, oregano, jalapeno, and other spices. Ideal for a variety of Mexican recipes, but also perfect as a stand-alone spice for many meats and vegetables.

Beef, pork, chicken, chili, and beans.